Od 18. septembra 2019 se nam je v Muzeju pridružila Tania González, študentka muzeologije iz Španije, ki je pri nas na praksi prek programov izmenjave Erasmus. V prihodnjih tednih bomo lahko prebirali nekaj njenih prispevkov. Prispevku v angleščini sledi še prevod v slovenščini.

Hi everyone! My name is Tania González and I’m a Spanish Erasmus student here in Ljubljana. I’m currently doing the internship of my second year of MA studies in Cultural Heritage Management and Museology in this institution: Slovenia’s National Museum of Contemporary History. Although I’m writing you almost in December, I arrived to Ljubljana some months ago, actually in the middle of September. I’ve been jumping around some museum departments in order to get to know better how a national museum as this one works both internally (curators’ and historians’ work) and externally (social media management or educational programmes).

Maybe you can be wondering why did I choose this museum in order to fulfil my compulsory traineeship. As I’m an archaeologist and historian by formation, as well as specialized in the contemporary ages, I wanted an institution which cared about this type of heritage. For those who do not know, Spain doesn’t have a National History Museum, neither one about the recent past (and I don’t think we will ever have), so such a concrete and sometimes controversial topic was appealing to me. Furthermore, I was interested in acquiring a European perspective to my career: I wanted to know how other EU countries worked in the field of XXth century heritage.

I also wanted to experiment an Erasmus exchange (since I didn’t have the opportunity during my degree studies years) and Ljubljana is perfect for that. Located in the heart of the continent, Slovenia’s capital is, above all, young, multicultural and full of life. The fact that you have a wide diversity of places, pubs and restaurants, even if it’s a small European capital, is a really good point as I live in a shared flat with 4 more people, all of them from different countries: Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland and Spain. Moreover, I also like that Ljubljana is not a really big or overcrowded city, such as Barcelona (where I have lived for six years), so you can avoid daily stress.


Let me talk a bit more about the museum. Right now (and until 16 February 2020) it is hosting a temporary exhibition about the renowned photojournalist Nace Bizilj. This retrospective exhibition honours him, as it is a consequence of his generous donative to the museum in 2010, when he gave his entire opus with 300,000 black and white and colour negatives to the Photography Department. As he began his career in 1962, he has witnessed some of the most important events in the recent Slovenian history, such as the declaration of independence.

It is a simple exhibition, but effective and original at the same time. Two examples of its originality are the concatenation of topics as the common thread (and not the typical chronological order), as well as the lights and shadows play that the colours of the exhibition (white, grey and black) transmit. In short, although it may firstly seem a monotonous photography exhibition, this is not. Bizilj’s work is supported by some objects, author’s quotes, a video (which unfortunately is only available in Slovenian) and even a small interactive game.


Anyway, if you are still doubting about coming to visit the exhibition, you have a small “snack” outside the museum with a brief selection of Bizilj’s most remarkable pictures!


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